Our Investment Philosophy

"The most rewarding things you do in life are often 
the ones that look like they cannot be done."

Arnold Palmer


Fundamental Analysis:  "The What"

For this analysis, we rely on Stifel's nationally recognized research to identify investments that would be suitable to address a client's investment objectives.  .

Having identified potential investments suitable for clients, we then turn to technical analysis.


Technical Analysis:  "The When"

The Point & Figure methodology has developed over the past 100+ years, but remains at its core a logical, organized means for recording the supply and demand relationship in any investment vehicle.  As both consumers and investors, we are innately familiar with the forces of supply and demand; it is after all the first subject introduced in any Economics 101 class, and we may experience it regularly in our daily lives.  We know why tomatoes in the winter don't often taste particularly good, don't have as long a shelf life, and are paradoxically more expensive than those sent to market in July.  What many investors are slow to accept is that the very same forces that cause price movement in the supermarket also trigger price movement in the financial markets.  When all is said and done, in a free market of any kind, if there are more buyers than sellers willing to sell, the price will move higher.  If there are more sellers than buyers willing to buy, the price must move lower.  If buying and selling are equal, the price will remain the same.  By charting this price action in an organized manner, we hope to ascertain who is winning the battle, sellers or buyers, supply or demand.  By having the ability to evaluate changes in the market, we have taken the first step toward also becoming responsive to both bullish and bearish periods.

Source:  Dorsey, Wright & Associates